Monday, 2 March 2015

1 photo, 20 words x

Today I am joining in with Abi's meme again.

"Light dancing through
bits of colored glass.
Tilt your head to the right,
catch the glow through purple glass,
Suzanne Cooper Songs of Light

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Light book origami x

I have been sharing my One Little Word - Light with you here over the past 2 months and today I wanted to show you a creative activity I completed for my word.

I had never heard of Book origami before until I was randomly searching around on Etsy. I happened to find my self on this page called Book Origami. Nicola, the shop owner, has a wide variety of book origami patterns from numbers, hearts, baby's feet, weddings and lots more. I asked if she had a pattern for my OLW - Light and I received my instructions within 48 hours.

Now, as a scrapbooker and book lover, this is the perfect way to use a book and your bone folder to make something beautiful, from something you love.
The first port of call was the Oxfam secondhand bookshop in Wells. I dragged my poor college girlfriends with me and we found the perfect book

Yes, a book all about a lighthouse, we were so excited to find this novel, even though I'm sure the author would be slightly perturbed at how it's being used no doubt. I think it is the perfect book for creating my origami. I have kept the cover to use for something later.

Once I got it home, I had to follow the instructions carefully to figure out where to begin marking my pages. Nicola provides a full paper origami pattern with measurements, and a ruler which you print off. She also explains very clearly how to measure and then fold all the pages in your book, to achieve a perfect design.

It takes a while to mark out all the measurements correctly but I found it quite therapeutic

It took me an afternoon to measure carefully and then a couple more afternoons to fold and carefully press with my bone folder to create the design. It is really important to be accurate with your folding but the beauty of this craft is that when you make a mistake you simply unfold and refold correctly.

Here is the design coming together, it took a while for me to see the word appearing but once that happened it really spurred me on.

And here is the final book origami completed.

I may add some inking to the design probably in gold just to make it stand out more.

Monday, 23 February 2015

1 photo, 20 words x

Joining in with Abi's weekly meme again this morning and with a picture from a recent walk through the village.

"................through winter sunlight's pallid gold
His clumsiness sets catkins on the willow
Ashake like lambs' tails in the early fold..................."

taken from Bee-Master by Victoria (Vita) Sackville West

I didn't realise Vita Sackville-West wrote poetry until I googled poetry to match my photo. I learn more everyday through blogging. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pinterest - how not to pin x

Hey everybody and today I wanted to chat about a few issues I've been having with Pinterest recently.

I love Pinterest. It enables me to find words, pictures, ideas and inspiration for all aspects of my life, whether that be crafting, cooking, journalling, One Little Word, blogging, crocheting and loads of other brilliant things. However there are a few things I've noticed some pinners do which quite honestly drive me round the bend.

When I pin, I really want to just to pin and go. The problem is that some pinners don't perhaps think of other pinners when they pin so here is my small list of things to do wonderfully so that you share your pins perfectly.

First, and I make this my number one because it's so important, make sure that you pin the correct site.
Lately, I have pinned something say a blogpost, and when I've come back at a later date to read that post I have found that I needed to trawl back through several bloggers pages to find the original. Not only is this a real time waster, but also not great for the originator of that blogpost.

Next Please, Please, Please DO NOT pin the whole blog. I've found a wonderful pin and then discover that what was pinned is from 2 years ago on that person's blog so now I have to trawl through pages of posts to get to the one I want. Nowadays alot of bloggers actually pin their posts so it makes life much easier and is something I need to do myself. So optimise your pinning by using the gadgets bloggers have kindly used on the posts.

Spammed pins also seem to be popping up and taking me to porn sites which is seriously disconcerting for the viewer, need I say more.

I have also had pins which go to closed sites, for example a class where content is limited to the students and sites requiring a password. Be careful what you are trying to share as you might be breaching someone's copyright.

Now I have to be honest here and admit I've not always been the greatest pinner in relation to some of these issues, however I think I have become much better at ensuring the pins I have are directly linked back to the correct person, aren't spam and are linked back to the specific post. I am certainly loads more careful these days to check things out prior to pinning having been caught out in the past.

So here are my list of tips to help improve Pinterest for us all.

Pinterest How To
  • Check the pin for it's original source and pin that
  • Make sure you only pin the exact blogpost
  • Use the pinning gadgets bloggers have added to their posts 
  • Add Pinterest gadgets to your posts to help make pinning easier but do it correctly.
  • Check what you're pinning prior to sticking that pin on your boards
  • Spamming is bad
  • Check you're allowed o pin from certain sites like educational classes

If anyone has anything else they'd like to add to the list please let me know and I'll update it for future reference xx

Monday, 16 February 2015

1 photo 20 words x

Happy Monday and I'm joining in with Abi's meme again today

"Oh lovely pussy, oh pussy my love, what a beautiful pussy you are, you are, what a beautiful pussy you......."

Edward Lear  "The Owl and The Pussycat" 1846

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sian's Valentines postcard swap - part 1 x

Good morning and a very happy St Valentine's day to you.

A few weeks back, Sian postulated the idea of a postcard swap in celebration of Valentines day and obviously I signed up. I received the names of 6 lovely ladies to send my postcards to, and that is where the fun began.

Sian's suggestion was to choose postcards which celebrated something which you loved and to share that with the person the card was sent to. I decided to go onto Etsy and choose some handmade, original cards for my recipients which reflected special things I loved.

In the main, I chose literary cards. I found two wonderful shops which sold individual postcards related to literature. One shop called Castle on the Hill produced postcards of famous couples from Jane Austen novels and using the words as backgrounds, the couples were beautifully reproduced in paint on the card as well. I bought a pack with 6 images, 2 of each and chose this as one card and one from Sense and Sensibility as the other.

This image is from Persuasion which is my favourite Austen novel.

The second shop was one which used primarily quotes called The Literary Emporium. I chose two cards from the shop,  one from Wuthering Heights my favourite book

and one from C.S. Lewis where he extols the virtues of big cups of tea and books. I am a big cup of tea girl so perfect.

Both images are from The Literary Emporium website

I then chose some postcards with original images on them. The first was of two beautiful lovebirds which are quintessentially about love after all. This card came from Bryony Crane's Etsy shop. Bryony paints beautiful images and I just fell in love with this image and the colours too.

 I also found a fab card of a cupcake and cat from The Vintage Artist on Etsy and obviously I love both of those. Niki paints beautiful paintings and has a wonderful website where she blogs and explains more about her work.

My cards have some to North and South America and also the UK. One recipient even lives up the road, sort of, and one of the Etsy sellers lived in the town up from her so it turned into a Somerset thing.

I loved the opportunity to find interesting cards to send and also to find some new sellers on Etsy to enjoy.

I hope all my cards arrived in their right places in time and that my recipients love them as much as I enjoyed finding and sending them.

I will do a second post once my cards are here from their senders. So excited.

Did you take part in Sian's swap and receive some great cards? I'd love to know.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

OLW 2015 - mood board x

Hi everyone today I thought I would share this months One Little Word 2015 prompt which was to make a mood board related to your word. If you read my previous post, my word for this year is Light.

Ali Edwards began the idea of a making a mood board a couple of years ago but to be honest I never really engaged with that idea before. However, this year I really felt that making a mood board was a brilliant idea as I had seen so many amazing and inspiring pictures and words not only on Pinterest for example, but in magazines.

Ali's idea was to use whatever things struck a chord with you and to make a mood board from them. So I sat down one afternoon with some old magazines from my mum like Good Housekeeping and also a couple I bought specifically. I bought Psychologies because I thought there would be alot of words related to light such as enlightenment, health and well being but also things related indirectly to my word. I also bought a beautiful magazine called Landscape which had incredible articles and pictures from places in the UK primarily which really called out to me.

Having made a pile of cuttings I got myself a cheap canvas from a shop, mine were £6.00 for two canvases sized 16" x 20". I also got out my decopatch glue which is not only a glue but a varnish too and I thought would therefore protect my masterpiece once completed.

I had chosen several large images of bluebell woods, beaches, a girl playing in a field and a Greek style windmill. I also found some candle images and a camera and a whole range of words to use including light, glow, health, mindfulness, twinkle and sparkle for example. I built up from my base layer of pictures and added my words and some lovely quotes onto the canvas.

And here is the result................

Above is the completed mood board in all it's glory and I really am very happy with the results. Ultimately, I have created a board with four areas of focus, which I will elaborate on below.

The top left hand corner is really focused on the word Light. I found a beautiful beach and sea picture for the background. Going to the sea makes my mood lighter and I feel young and silly again so I had to include something about that.

In the top right hand corner is the picture of the Greek windmill and the colour of the sky is perfect, it looks relaxing and warm and that makes me feel light, the central image of the lights are a variety of bulbs hanging from a tree in the forest and they just glowed hence them being sited below that word glow.

The bottom right is focused on more healthy activities for body and mind. I just loved the model running across the field with her net. This I felt brought humour into my board. I put all the words and quotes about losing, weight, focusing on a healthy mind and body onto this area too.

In the lower left hand quarter is a wonderful photograph of a path leading through a bluebell wood. I love bluebells, they remind me of my childhood. The path sort of leads of into the health focused section but that was a fluke really. I wanted to keep most of the picture clear. I added a picture of a camera as light is integral to taking great pictures, and I added the sparkle and twinkle words above.

I found the model with all the red butterflies like a hat in the Psychologies magazine. I love butterflies, they are light as a feather and the picture again was quite whimsical hence added abit of humour.

This is just a closeup of the quotes from the healthy section.

I am really very pleased with it and I know that it will fire me with inspiration for the rest of the year.

I would love to hear about your moodboards or your opinions on mine.